At 28 years old and having run 17 marathons in 14 different European cities, I am no stranger to the joys of taking a city's landmarks with a race number pinned to my top. The thrill of this healthy form of discovery, however, is not limited to those wearing a timing chip, nor those who can manage the 26.2 mile challenge.

My greatest running experiences have, in fact, been outside of races; winding through the Tokyo's early morning streets, chatting to fellow runners in New York's famous Central Park, striding around Cape Town's spectacular coastline to Camps Bay, or suffering under Rio's late afternoon sun whilst under the shadow of the breathtaking Sugarloaf Mountain.

It is the pure enjoyment of discovering a city on foot, ideally soon after dawn to allow you to beat the crowds, that encouraged me to set up London Run Tours. It's an opportunity for me to share this enjoyment of exploring a city without the crowds, whilst starting your day in a positive, energy fuelled way, whilst the rest of London sleeps.

Whether you're new to London or visiting for the weekend and fancy combining some exercise with a tour of the city's famous sites, or simply fancy the additional motivation of running as part of a group, London Run Tours could be just for you!

With an 9 to 6 office job Monday to Friday, the tours aren't for my financial gain but to share my favourite running experiences in London with others. If you're able to spare some change at the end of the run to cover the upkeep of the website etc., it's always appreciated! 

With a manageable distance of (5 miles/8km) and two different, the aim is for the tours to be inclusive for all beginner runners upwards, with a cap of 10 people to avoid overcrowding and limit delays. 

To sign up, click the REGISTER button at the top of the page to email me the date and time you would like to run and be sure to arrive at the departure point in good time!


A great way to keep motivated in the long run whilst improving your running is to find a local running club. If you're in London, look no further than the fantastic Mornington Chasers. Based out of the Talacre Community Sports Centre in Kentish Town West, the club organise runs on a Tuesday (road) and Thursday (track) for all standards, and for just £40 a year. Visit or find us on Facebook for more info!